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The Near Perfect Body (2nd Edition) by Roge Shorr

Learn from Roger Shorr the pathway to his Near Perfect Body. In the process, he leads you to better eating, fitness and health so you can achieve your own Near Perfect Body.


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Enjoy a front-row seat as Roger Shorr explains his remarkable transformation that changed his body that he hated to his Near Perfect Body that he loves and so much more.

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Enjoy a front-row seat as Roger Shorr explains his remarkable transformation that changed his body that he hated to his Near Perfect Body that he loves and so much more.

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Learn from Roger Shorr the pathway to his Near Perfect Body. In the process, he leads you to better eating, fitness and health so you can achieve your own Near Perfect Body.


(Plus $5.00 shipping/handling)

Use this daily journal to follow Roger Shorr's approach to eating and fitness, track your progress and ensure that you remain on the proven pathway to achieving your Near Perfect Body.

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The Keys to the Body and Life You Always Wanted

What might be possible if you could give up the desire for the "perfect" body and like Roger Shorr did, at age 68, obtain your Near Perfect Body?

In the process of losing 25 pounds and dramatically changing his body's appearance in just four months, he created a natural approach to healthy eating and fitness.

Using what he calls Hunger Jujutsu and Exercise Jujutsu, reaching the Tipping Point and avoiding the Willpower Trap, he has discovered an easy-to-follow pathway to achieve your Near Perfect Body.

'I Must Have It' Drives Journey to Near Perfect Body and More

One afternoon Roger Shorr, a retired financial planner enjoying life in Florida, prepared to drink his afternoon beer, something he did almost daily.

But on this day, he questioned the action. His decision not to drink that beer sparked an ongoing set of discoveries.

In time, he found what he came to call his Near Perfect Body, something he had given up on and something that he writes actually found him -- at the age of 68.

Yes, 68 years old!

With a heavy focus on nature and martial arts strategies, as well as basic psychological principles, he explains

the steps he took and the strategies he used to achieve his Near Perfect Body so you can, too.

Learn how the more he shed the idea of the "perfect" body, and reprogrammed himself to want his Near Perfect Body.

Join Roger as he explains his discoveries in The Near Perfect Life.

Then learn how to use his strategies and approach to become healthier, fitter and happier with The Near Perfect Body and The Near Perfect Body Journal .

If you must have it -- better health, greater fitness and more happiness, then Roger Shorr's books are what you need to finally have it.


'Never could I have realized'

Never could I have realized that my Near Perfect Body was only 4 1/2 months away. The journey taught me that simplicity, friendship, optimism and consistency are all that were necessary to get everything I wanted.

From The Near Perfect Life

Odds are you feel this way

The odds are pretty good that you probably feel as I have felt countless times as I tried different strategies to control and manage my weight, find methods to look better and become more fit.

From The Near Perfect Body

It will soon shine brilliantly

If you can find a way to identify and focus on what is the easiest of solutions rather than all of the other things competing for your attention, it will soon shine brilliantly like truth always does.

From The Near Perfect Body

Who is Roger Shorr?

Roger Shorr, a retired financial planner, wasn’t planning on finding a powerful new approach to greater health, fitness and happiness. It found him.

Without fasting or going hungry, and without pills or medical procedures, he inadvertently transformed himself, and in the process created what he dubbed his Near Perfect Body.

Using techniques he blended from his martial arts background and his knowledge of Sun Tzu, he developed natural, easy techniques anyone can follow, including Hunger Jujutsu, Exercise Jujutsu, avoiding the Willpower Trap, and the all-important Tipping Point.

He is a former Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional who contributed articles to websites for Forbes, Barrons and Investopedia, among others.

He also wrote a financial guide called “Seven Timeless Investment Mistakes and What Successful Investors Must Know.”

The Near Perfect Body is his first book, which he wrote in between rounds of golf, his fitness routine and time spent with friends in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he lives with his wife Jennifer and their dog, Daisy.

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The Near Perfect Body™️

and the pathway to yours

by Roger Shorr


Reprogramming Your Mind

Reprogramming Your Mind

December 11, 20233 min read

Get ready! We are now on the launching pad. Excited? You should be. For some of you, I hope and expect the following pages will be both eye-opening and life-changing!

Here we go. To me, our brains are wondrous things! I see them as the greatest supercomputers in the known universe. In any event, I think most would agree that our brain is, in many ways, very similar to a highly sophisticated computer. As such, learning is analogous to programming. Habits are learned. In my view, they are literally programmed into our brains. If our brains are computers (or at least analogous to computers), then I would say that the mind is actually like the computer screen. The computer screen is where much of the work product of the computer presents itself. But let’s combine them and refer to them as your (or the) “mind.” So our minds can be reprogrammed. How wonderful is that?

Reprogramming is how you enact real, permanent change. It will cause you to see things ever so differently than you have in the past. It is how old bad habits can be replaced with new good habits.

Reprogramming Your Mind

I read in Psychology Today that habits are built through learning and repetition. In the NPB system, we use learning and lots of repetition to help us form new habits, which by design, replace old habits.

For example, a habit that you will learn is to eat delicious fruit for dessert (dessert is acceptable in the NPB maintenance phase with some wiggle room in the candidate phase, but no junk), thereby replacing your old practice of eating a self-defeating hot fudge sundae with disastrous whipped cream.

Therefore, regarding habit formation, you can learn from this book. An example being when we discuss not what you eat or the amount of food you eat, but how you eat. The repetition comes from saying your mantras, doing weigh-ins at least twice daily, looking at your pictures at least daily, and looking at yourself (shirt off) in the mirror every day. As well as practicing how you eat; not what, but rather how.

​Over the period from December 2022 through May of 2023 and as the NPB system was coming into focus, it became more and more evident to me that I was, indeed, reprogramming my mind. I had no recollection of seeing anything like reprogramming one’s mind before, especially in regard to changing one’s body for the good. In May 2023, I started to do Internet searches on “reprogramming the mind for dieting” and for improving the body. I found some things. I want to say that I am not trying to take credit for coming up with the idea of reprogramming your mind for dieting or maybe even transforming your body. Frankly, taking credit is really of no importance. What is important is that you practice and embrace the concepts being offered.

​In addition to using learning and repetition, we add a powerful incentive. The incentive being you thinking every day and more often, if need be, about achieving your NPB.

“Learning Mind” published an article by Lottie Miles, M.A. on October 5th, 2019. She spoke of reprogramming your subconscious mind. In her article was a great quote by Carl Jung. He said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

She went on to explain how you could reprogram your (subconscious) mind. I was glad to see many of the things in her article that I offer you in this book. Among her suggestions were:

  • Visualize success

  • Get yourself a notebook and write down your goals

  • Use positive reinforcement

  • Be kind to yourself

As I read it, I felt like standing up and applauding her. She and I were so much in sync!

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