The Eagle and The Right Path

Few creatures on our beautiful planet can compare with the magnificence of the bald eagle. It is truly a wonder to see these mighty and graceful birds soar through the sky.​ We have chosen the bald eagle as our mascot. We feel that it represents freedom and strength. And because of this, the bald eagle greets you when you visit our site.

What is The Right Path, exactly?​ The Right Path is our motto and is simply a guide, nothing more, nothing less. At the heart of

The Right Path is this:

Be A Friend To Yourself!​

As a friend to yourself, you must stop saying that you can’t do this or you can’t do that. You must say (and believe) that you can do this and you can do that! Remember, a friend supports you and is there for you. What kind of friend tries to discourage you from doing good? ​Yes, that is a rhetorical question.

The Right Path is very much about mindset! You must always endeavor to guard against negative, self-defeating thoughts and actions. Crowd those thoughts and actions out by thinking good thoughts and doing good and even great things. This is so very important and so essential for one’s spirit.​

Say “hello” to people you do not know (but only when you are in a safe environment). You will be surprised at the new friends you can make by doing such a simple little thing. So often, these simple little things have enormous and wonderful consequences.

​Remember, we are always and forever human beings. We make mistakes all of the time.

Even when you are on The Right Path, you will make mistakes, because you are human! What makes all of the difference in the world is to recognize when you are making a mistake such as thinking negative thoughts or feeling pessimistic. ​

When you are self-aware and recognize the folly of these things and that you really want no part of them and discard them in favor of the goodness and the light that we all carry inside, you will truly be walking on... The Right Path.